A Season of Hope
Season 1, Episode 22
Art by Allison Theus
Starring Daniel Floyd
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"There is one day out of the year that one can be completely and unabashadly proud of being a member of this industry. One day a year when we step past what we are and, for an evening, be what we could be. On this night, we seize to be an industry. Rather, we become a brotherhood, united into doing something good. This night, is the Child's Play Charity Dinner Auction .

Now, I realise this sort of topic probably isn't what most of you came to see here at Extra Credits, but all we've ever wanted to accomplish with this show is to encourage dialogue about games and to, maybe do some good. So bear with us this week as we do what little we can to recognise those people in the industry who are putting forth their time and effort to acknowledge that, gaming is more than what happens on the screen, and doing some real good in the world while we're at it.

So first off, what is Child's Play? Child's Play is an effort of unambiguous good."

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