Extra Curricular is the official forum community of Extra Credits. Started by Ikono and J*Rod from the EC Steam group, it would eventually form the basis for the EC Network website.


Not long after successfully putting together the EC Steam Group, the members talked about creating a forum to supplement the chat. Ikono stepped in and singlehandedly built the forums with his own server and using a free .tk domain.[1]

Starting out simply as a forum, the community started gaining popularity with help from the group regulars and some small dismissive mentions from James Portnow.

With continued collaboration, Extra Curricular became built up. During the collaboration, it became apparent that Extra Curricular needed room to grow in order for it to become an official extension of Extra Credits.[1] After a couple more months of work Extra Curricular became part of which launched around January 9th, 2012.


  • Administrators
  • Moderators
    • A Dapper Man
    • Draczar
    • Fondis
    • JakobBloch
    • kqbn
    • vvp


^ 1. A Retrospective History of Extra Curricular

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Extra Curricular

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